Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Dear Doctor TV

What is Dear Doctor TV?

Dear Doctor TV is a waiting room television network that features high-quality video content designed to educate, entertain and engage dental patients. Our vast library of content includes everything from educational treatment videos to fun dental facts—and even dentistry-related celebrity interviews!

Why waiting room TV?

Time spent in the waiting room can be used productively to educate patients about treatments available in your practice, build your brand and reduce patient anxiety, while entertaining patients and decreasing perceived wait times.

How much time do patients typically spend in the waiting room?

The average patient spends approximately 15–20 minutes in the waiting room. But even just a few minutes of waiting time creates an opportunity to brand your practice, educate patients about a procedure you provide, or let them know about a special you are offering. Keep in mind that oftentimes a friend or family member will wait for your patient until treatment is complete. This provides an expanded opportunity to educate current and prospective patients about the services you offer.

Why should I trust Dear Doctor TV content?

As a dentist-led company, Dear Doctor is uniquely qualified to produce content that is accurate and complete, yet entertaining and easily understood by patients. This is our specialty and it is all we do—all day, every day. We take great pride in creating patient-education products that are endorsed and valued by our peers in the professional dental community. Why trust your message to anyone else?.

How does Dear Doctor TV work?

As part of the service, Dear Doctor TV provides a small media player device that connects to your television with an HDMI cable (also included). The content selected by the dental practice is loaded onto the player. After installation, the player will receive updates through the office Internet connection to stay current. Learn more by visiting How It Works.

Can I use my existing TV?

Any television with an HDMI input can be used, so you can use an existing television as long as it has this feature.

What size TV is typically recommended?

The size of the television is mostly dependent on your space and the configuration of your waiting room. The most common size is between 32 and 50 inches.

Does Dear Doctor TV stream content?

No, the content does not stream. It is loaded directly onto the media player, which is more desirable, as the broadcast does not rely on a constant Internet connection. The system only uses your office's Internet connection to download content updates and for system monitoring.

What are the office's responsibilities on a daily basis?

The office just needs to ensure that the television is on each day. Nothing else is required from the office on a daily basis.

Are subtitles (closed-captioning) available so that we could play the broadcast with or without sound?

Yes, subtitles are available and can be turned on by calling the support department. For example, if you are used to playing music throughout your office and would prefer to broadcast the programming with no sound, Dear Doctor TV can be muted and viewers can use subtitles to follow the content.

Subscription, Delivery and Warranty

Is there a long-term contract for Dear Doctor TV?

There is no long-term contract. The agreement is month-to-month.

Can I try the product in my office?

You can try Dear Doctor TV in your office for 30 days risk-free. If you decide it is not right for your practice, let us know within that first 30-day period and we will issue a full refund once the media player and components have been shipped back and received in good working order.

Can I preview the content before subscribing?

Not in its entirety. However, you can visit the Dear Doctor TV programming page to view a sample broadcast and to get an at-a-glance overview of featured segment types. You can also take advantage of our 30-Day Risk-Free Trial to preview all of the content in your office.

What if my media player has trouble? Do I have to purchase a new one?

If you have trouble with your media player or broadcast, please contact our support department. If our support department cannot solve the problem, we will send you a replacement player at no cost along with a return shipping label to return the defective media player.

What will I receive in the package when I subscribe?

You will receive a box containing the following items:

• Media Player
• Antennas (2)
• Power Supply & Cord
• 3-foot HDMI Cable
• Mounting Bracket, Screws & Anchors
• Nylon Ties
• Quick-Start Guide

Can I purchase the programming for a one-time fee instead of subscribing?

The subscription model benefits dental offices because content is continuously being updated to keep your broadcast fresh and current. Dear Doctor TV is similar to a cable network, where you are provided a media player that is warranted during the life of your subscription. The service is fully supported and monitored to ensure maximum uptime. As part of your subscription, our support technicians are available by phone to walk you through any questions or technical issues you may have.

After I sign up, how does the package ship?

Once your completed order and programming information are received, the media player is typically programmed and shipped within 1-2 business days via UPS ground from New York. Shipping within the US is included with your subscription. There is an additional cost for shipping outside of the US.

How do I cancel the service?

We require 30 days notice and return of the Dear Doctor TV media player and components to cancel service.


What does the office need to set up and install Dear Doctor TV?

The office needs to have an HDMI compatible television and Internet connectivity.

What type of Internet connection is required?

The Dear Doctor TV media player can connect to either wired or wireless Internet in the office.

Is Dear Doctor TV easy to set up and install?

Yes! You will receive a pre-programmed media player that is very easy to install. All you need to do is plug it into your television to start broadcasting. You will receive automatic updates over your Internet connection as new content becomes available.

Is it possible to distribute the broadcast to multiple televisions in my office, for example, my waiting room television as well as my treatment rooms?

It is possible to broadcast to multiple televisions, but the televisions would need to be wired properly. This typically involves running HDMI cables from each television to a central location, where you would need an HDMI distribution amplifier, a device that can split the signal to up to 8 televisions while maintaining a high-definition picture.

My Internet connection isn't great. Will the content freeze or pause as a result?

Dear Doctor TV does not stream content. The content is playing locally from the media player, so there is no freezing or pausing due to a bad or disrupted Internet connection.

Do you preload the content, or will it need to download once I get it?

Most commonly, the media player is set up and pre-programmed with the selected content as well as the office's wireless network information prior to shipping.

Do I need to make updates to the media player?

The office does not need to make any updates. Content updates are automatic. In addition, our support department monitors the network and automatically makes any necessary software updates to your media player.


How much content is available?

There are many hours of content built into the broadcast library—enough so that no patient should see a segment repeated during a single office visit. New content is being developed regularly and added to the system.

How often is the content updated? Do I have to do anything to get content updates?

The content is updated automatically each day, assuming your player is connected to the Internet. The office does not need to do anything to receive the updates. Some segments are updated daily, others are updated every 4 to 6 weeks. The content library is continuously growing.

What types of segments are available?

A wide variety of segment types are available, including educational segments, treatment overviews, fun facts, celebrity interviews, trivia, seasonal content, current events, and many more!

How does Dear Doctor TV compare to other programs commonly played in waiting rooms, such as CNN?

Dear Doctor TV programming intersperses short, positive news segments that are updated every day. Watching a channel like CNN that shows nothing but news may not achieve the desired effect, as the reports are predominantly negative and may increase patient anxiety without benefiting your practice. Providing patients with interesting content that includes procedures available in your practice can reduce patient anxiety and increase revenue. And you may be surprised at how engaged your patients become with Dear Doctor TV's fun, entertaining and educational content!


Can I dictate which types of dental treatments are broadcast on my television?

Yes, you can select the categories of content (e.g., porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, etc.) that you want to broadcast on your television. Otherwise, we will pre-select content based on your type of practice, and you can customize it further at any time by calling Dear Doctor TV support at 866-799-5014.

What if I want to remove a certain piece of content from my television?

The broadcast is customized, so any piece of video content can be removed upon request.

Can I provide office videos to be added to the system? What types of videos do offices typically provide?

As part of your monthly service, customers are welcome to send our support department video content to add to the broadcast. The types of videos most commonly provided include patient testimonials, doctor interviews, commercials, office videos, messages from the doctor(s), marketing videos for specific treatments, and special offers.

Who is responsible for obtaining permission to use a certain video?

Your practice would be responsible for obtaining permission to use a particular video that you provide to Dear Doctor TV.

What are the specification requirements for the videos I provide?

We recommend providing your videos with a minimum resolution of 1280x720 (720p). The preferred file formats are .mp4 and .mov. If you are not sure whether your video meets the specifications, you can send it to us so we can determine if it can be used.

I don't have the ability to create a video. However, I have a PowerPoint file. Will you accept a PowerPoint file? Is there a charge to convert a PowerPoint file to a video?

Yes, you may provide a PowerPoint file, and no, there is no charge to convert it to video. Our support department will convert it to a video file and even add a background music track. We do not charge extra for this service as long as the PowerPoint files are set up correctly. We recommend you begin by verifying that your PowerPoint file is set up using a widescreen layout (16:9). This will help ensure that your exported video fills your widescreen television. For more information, please contact our support department.

How should I provide you my custom content?

Please contact our support department. We will send you a link to a website where you can upload your custom content.


What does support include?

Dear Doctor TV technicians offer ongoing phone and email support. They can give you installation assistance to ensure connectivity, troubleshoot any issues that arise with your media player, help you personalize your player for the best match with office services, and make additional equipment recommendations if needed.

How can I contact support?

The support department can be reached by phone at 866-799-5014 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. Email support and live chat are also available by visiting

Is there a cost for support?

No, support is included in your monthly subscription at no extra cost.

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